Best Paid Survey Sites In The UK 2024 – Who Pays The Most?

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Participating in paid online surveys can be a convenient way to earn a bit of extra cash from the comfort of your own home. In the UK, numerous survey sites offer cash or rewards in exchange for your opinions and time. While this is not my favorite method of making money online, it is still an option for those who want to make a little bit of cash doing the bare minimum when it comes to work.

The landscape of online surveys in the UK is diverse, with platforms ranging from established market research companies to newer digital outfits. Good survey sites stand out by providing a steady flow of surveys, transparent rewards systems, and tangible payouts without unreasonable delays. However, there are also plenty of scams. Let’s take a look at the best paid survey sites in the UK.

Key Takeaways

  • Paid online surveys are a flexible way to earn extra money in the UK.
  • Choose survey sites based on their reliability, payment methods, and reward frequency.
  • Prioritise reputable survey platforms and stay alert to potential scams.

Essential Criteria for Selecting Survey Sites

When choosing a survey site to use, there are three main things you should focus on, how they pay, their user interface, and the regularity with which you can participate in surveys.

Payout Methods and Thresholds

Payout Methods: You’ll want to consider the diversity of cashout options available. Some sites may offer payments through bank transfer, PayPal, or gift cards. You must select a site that provides a method that you have access to.

Payout Thresholds: The minimum amount required to cash out varies by site. A lower threshold means quicker access to your earnings, while a higher threshold might entail a longer wait. Some sites have unrealistic thresholds which make it hard to withdraw your money.

Ease of Use

The user interface of a survey site can vastly affect your experience. Look for a clean design and straightforward navigation. The site should function well on multiple devices, including smartphones and tablets, allowing you to take surveys on the go.

Survey Availability and Frequency

Availability: Your earning potential is higher on sites that regularly offer a good number of surveys.

Frequency: Consistent availability of surveys is key. Opt for sites known for frequent survey opportunities, as this will allow for steady earnings.

Best Paid Survey Sites in the UK 2024

In the landscape of online surveys in the UK, certain platforms stand out for their reliability and reward structure. Here, you’ll find information on some of the highest-rated sites where you can earn money and vouchers for sharing your opinions.

1. Swagbucks

Typical Payment Per Survey: 50p
Average Survey Length: 10 – 20 Minutes
Minimum Payout Threshold: Depends on reward
Payout Methods: Paypal Cash, Amazon Giftcards and More

Swagbucks Website

Swagbucks is a versatile platform where you can earn points (called SB) for surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more. Notably, you get a £10 bonus just for signing up. Your accumulated SB can be exchanged for PayPal cash or various gift cards, giving you a flexible approach to redeeming your earnings.

2. Toluna

Typical Payment Per Survey: 15 to 50,000 Points
Average Survey Length: 15 – 30 Minutes
Minimum Payout Threshold: Depends on reward
Payout Methods: Paypal Cash & Highstreet Vouchers


With Toluna Opinions, you become a part of a large community that influences brands through surveys and product testing. Rewards include PayPal payments, Amazon, and Tango e-vouchers. New members are greeted with a 500-point bonus, and frequent survey opportunities can quickly increase your points balance.

27,000 points is the equivalent of a Starbucks gift card. Not bad if you can knock out a quick survey in 15 minutes.

3. YouGov

Typical Payment Per Survey: 50p
Average Survey Length: 5 – 10 Minutes
Minimum Payout Threshold: 5,000 Points (£50)
Payout Methods: Bank Transfer

Yougov Paid Surveys

YouGov is well-regarded for its focus on social and political research, allowing you to share your views on important topics. Rewards come as points, with 1,000 points equivalent to £10, and can be redeemed for cash or vouchers. YouGov’s transparency and intellectual surveys make it a thought-provoking platform for participants.

In my opinion, this is one of the most interesting and legitimate survey sites on the market right now.

4. One Poll

Typical Payment Per Survey: 20p
Average Survey Length: 2 – 3 Minutes
Minimum Payout Threshold: £25
Payout Methods: Cash via Bank Transfer or Paypal

One Poll Paid Surveys

OnePoll is a well-established market research company that conducts surveys on various topics for UK residents. By becoming a member, you can engage in surveys and earn cash rewards for your participation. OnePoll’s straightforward approach and quick payouts make it an appealing option for those looking to make extra money by sharing their thoughts.

5. Panel Base

Panel Base Paid Surveys

Typical Payment Per Survey: 25p – £10
Average Survey Length: 5 – 10 Minutes
Minimum Payout Threshold: £10
Payout Methods: Bank Transfer, Love2Shop and Compliments vouchers

PanelBase is a UK-based survey panel that offers opportunities for members to participate in surveys and contribute to market research. As a member, you can earn cash rewards for each completed survey. PanelBase also occasionally conducts product testing, offering you a chance to try out new products and share your feedback. With its competitive compensation and a reliable track record, PanelBase is a solid choice for UK residents interested in paid surveys.

6. Opinium

Typical Payment Per Survey: 25p – £10
Average Survey Length: 5 – 10 Minutes
Minimum Payout Threshold: £10
Payout Methods: Bank Transfer, Love2Shop and Compliments vouchers

Opinium Paid Surveys

Opinium is a market research company that conducts surveys covering a wide range of topics and issues. By joining Opinium, you can have a direct impact on public opinion and policy decisions in the UK. The platform rewards participants with cash payments, allowing you to earn money while expressing your views on important matters. Opinium’s commitment to meaningful research and compensation for participants makes it a valuable addition to your survey site list for UK residents.

7. i-Say

i-Say Paid Surveys

Typical Payment Per Survey: 5p to £1.80
Average Survey Length: 15 Mins
Minimum Payout Threshold: £5
Payout Methods: Vouchers for retailers such as Amazon and John Lewis

i-Say, powered by Ipsos, is a reputable paid survey website that offers users the opportunity to express their opinions on a wide range of topics. By participating in surveys, you can earn i-Say points that can be redeemed for various rewards, including gift cards, PayPal cash, and merchandise. With a user-friendly interface and a robust rewards program, i-Say makes it easy for UK residents to turn their opinions into tangible benefits.

8. Ylive Community

Typical Payment Per Survey: £1 every 5 minutes
Average Survey Length: 15-20 mins
Minimum Payout Threshold: £50
Payout Methods: Bank Transfer and Cheque

Y Live Paid Surveys

Ylive Community formerly known as PopulusLive is a British-based survey site that specializes in political and public opinion research. By joining this platform, you can contribute to important discussions and earn rewards for your participation. Ylivecommunity rewards its members with cash payments for each completed survey, making it a straightforward way to share your views and get compensated for your time.

9. Google Opinion Rewards

Typical Payment Per Survey: From 6p to 60p
Average Survey Length: 15 – 30 Seconds
Minimum Payout Threshold: The lowest-priced item on the play store (Apps start at 10p)
Payout Methods: Google Play Store Credit

Google Opinion Rewards Paid Surveys

Google Opinion Rewards is a unique survey app by tech giant Google. Although it’s primarily designed for mobile users, it’s available to UK residents as well.

By sharing your opinions on various topics and experiences, you can earn Google Play credits, which can be used to purchase apps, games, and digital content from the Google Play Store. It’s an easy and convenient way to make your voice heard and enjoy digital rewards.

10. Curious Cat

Curious Cat Paid Surveys

Typical Payment Per Survey: 50p
Average Survey Length: 3 Mins
Minimum Payout Threshold: £1
Payout Methods: Paypal

Curious Cat is a user-friendly survey platform that offers a diverse range of survey opportunities to its UK members. You can accumulate points by participating in surveys, and once you reach a minimum threshold, you can cash out your earnings through PayPal. Curious Cat also frequently offers fun and interactive surveys, making it an engaging choice for those looking to earn rewards while sharing their thoughts.

11. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys Paid Surveys

Typical Payment Per Survey: $0.50
Average Survey Length: 10 – 20 Mins
Minimum Payout Threshold: $5
Payout Methods: Paypal & High Street Vouchers

Branded Surveys is a reputable survey site known for its generous rewards and frequent survey opportunities. UK residents can join this platform to take surveys on a wide array of topics and earn points for their input. These points can be exchanged for cash or gift cards from popular retailers, giving you flexibility in how you redeem your earnings. With a user-friendly interface and a strong track record, Branded Surveys is a reliable choice for survey enthusiasts.

12. Qmee

Typical Payment Per Survey: 30p
Average Survey Length: 5-20 Minutes
Minimum Payout Threshold: 1p
Payout Methods: Paypal

Qmee is a versatile survey platform that not only offers surveys but also rewards you for online shopping and web searches. UK users can participate in surveys to earn cash rewards instantly. Additionally, Qmee’s browser extension allows you to earn cashback when you shop online. It’s a convenient way to boost your income while sharing your opinions and browsing the web.

Maximising Earnings with Paid Surveys

Discovering the most effective ways to maximise your earnings with paid survey sites in the UK requires strategy and smart work. Here are specific tactics to increase your survey income potential.

Join Multiple Platforms

By signing up for several survey sites, you can access a broader range of survey opportunities. Surveys may vary in availability and reward, so being on multiple platforms ensures a steady stream of surveys to choose from. Utilising different sites also diversifies your risk; if one site has a dry spell, you can still earn from others.

Set Realistic Earnings Goals

You should not expect to get rich with paid survey sites. In my opinion, most people would be much better off learning a skill or getting a minimum-wage job than doing surveys. However, if you do want to do them for a few extra pounds, you should be aware that it really might be “only a few extra pounds” you earn.

Tips to Avoid Scam Paid Survey Sites

When searching for survey sites to earn extra cash, it’s crucial to differentiate genuine opportunities from scams. There are specific signs you should look for to ensure you’re not wasting your time or risking your privacy.

Recognise Legitimate Offers

  • Check for realistic rewards: Legitimate sites generally offer modest compensation for your time, usually ranging from a few pence to a couple of pounds per survey. Be wary of offers that seem too generous, like high-value vouchers or large cash rewards for minimal effort.
  • Research the site: A genuine survey site will often have a history of positive reviews and be associated with credible market research companies. If a site is relatively unknown or has a slew of negative feedback, proceed with caution.

Prioritising Privacy and Security

  • Review privacy policies: Legitimate sites will have transparent privacy policies outlining how they protect your data. Always read these policies before signing up.
  • Be cautious with your information: Never provide more personal information than necessary. A legitimate survey will not ask for sensitive details like your bank account information or passwords.

The Future of Online Surveys in the UK

The realm of online surveys in the UK is set for a transformative phase. You are likely to observe a surge in the use of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to tailor surveys more effectively to your interests. The outcome: highly personalised survey experiences that enhance engagement rates.

  • Mobile Optimisation: As you increasingly rely on mobile devices, expect a seamless mobile survey experience to become standard.
  • Real-time Analytics: You’ll see real-time feedback become commonplace, enabling quicker reactions to your opinions.
Emerging TrendsDescriptionImpact on You
AI PersonalisationSurveys crafted by learning your patterns.More relevant survey topics for you.
Enhanced PrivacyStricter data protection protocols.Greater control over your personal information.
GamificationElements of play introduced to surveys.Survey taking becomes more enjoyable and rewarding.
How Paid Surveys Are changing

Companies are incentivising their surveys with more than just cash. You might find loyalty pointsvouchers, and exclusive rewards that align with your shopping habits. The focus is shifting towards creating value for you and fostering relationships between survey platforms and participants.

Why I Don’t Think Surveys Are Worth It

I have mentioned a few times in this article and on this site that I don’t think paid surveys are worth it. I kind of see it as a gateway to making money online. In fact it was the first thing I ever tried when I was a teenager.

Why you can legitimately make money doing surveys, there are much better ways to spend your time. While doing a survey might make you some cash it won’t teach you any skills or further your earning potential.

However by starting a side hustle such as Etsy, Digital Products or Amazon Influencer, you will learn real-world skills which will translate into jobs or businesses in the future. These businesses can start as a side hustle and very quickly turn into a real business.

Doing surveys is honestly a mind-numbing waste of time. If you want some better ideas, check out this article on how to make an extra £1000 per week.

Wrapping Up

As I mentioned at the start of this post, survey sites are not my favorite method of making online but many beginners start here. I did too. So if you’re going to attempt using them to make money online, you may as well know what sites are trustworthy. Hopefully, the list above has helped you select some of the better paid survey sites in the UK.

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