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Are you curious about investing but either have no idea where to start or feel intimidated by all the financial mumbo-jumbo you come across when researching online?

You’re not alone. According to Lloyds Bank, 50% of British people are wary of investing their money. Over a third (38%) of those people point to the complicated jargon surrounding investing as a reason why, with a quarter feeling like it would be easier to learn a new language than learn to invest!

That’s not the case. Investing can be straightforward as long as you have the right teacher by your side, which is where this article comes in. Discover the 10 best investment YouTubers in the UK – presented in no particular order – and learn what you need to know to face your investing fears.

10 Best Investing Youtubers In The UK

Below are some of the best channels in the UK for new and aspiring investors. The list is in no particular order and some channels are personal while others are brand channels. I have no doubt there will be one channel in there that clicks with you more than the others. Let’s take a look.

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10. Progressive Property

Founded by Mark Homer and Rob Moore – both of whom have made millions through property investing – Progressive Property focuses on what the name suggests: property. The channel covers specific buying techniques you can use when investing in housing, as well as trends in the property market that can help you determine where your money should go.

Its “Property Investing 101” playlist is a good starting point. Just be aware that the channel will try and sell you things (there are lots of “how I went from £0 to millions” videos). You don’t have to buy. But that won’t stop you from learning.

Channel https://www.youtube.com/@ProgressiveProperty 

9 – Pension Craft

Having been around since 2016, Pension Craft has nearly a decade’s worth of videos under its belt. Some of which are evergreen – meaning they apply no matter when they were published – while others cover up-to-the-minute topics, such as the state of interest rates and inflation in the U.K.

The channel is run by Ramin Nakisa, who fronts almost every video, and you’ll get a new video every Saturday. Nakisa also runs a live Q&A session where you can send messages to get questions answered every Thursday at about 7 pm. Oh, and don’t let the name fool you – he talks about a lot more than just pensions.

Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@Pensioncraft

8 – Hayley Eich

Hayley Eich’s channel is interesting because it essentially charts the journey of somebody who’s in your shoes when it comes to investing in shares. She started her channel in 2021 with the goal of documenting her journey toward wealth creation, and that’s what most of her videos focus on.

Hayley talks about the shares she’s buying – and why – which can help you develop an understanding of how to get a read on the stock market. Occasionally, she’ll also post advisory videos, such as her “7 Easy Hacks to Stay Updated With Your Investments,” to give you a few tips along the way.

Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@HayleyEich 

7 – Mark Tilbury

As soon as you land on Mark Tilbury’s channel, you’ll see why it’s valuable to new investors. Much of his content focuses on delivering steps to get you started, such as his “Investing for Beginners – How I Make Millions from Stocks” guide. They’re also generally pretty short videos, with these guides rarely going above 15 minutes, making them ideal for newbies who want something concise and genuinely practical.

There is another side to the channel, though.

Tilbury focuses as much on the “millionaire mindset” as he does on practical advice. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it often leads to him talking to very wealthy people and extracting nuggets of wisdom. But those videos can sometimes feel a touch gimmicky compared to his more practical guides.

Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@marktilbury 

6 – The Plain Bagel

We’re breaking the rules ever so slightly with this one. Richard Coffin – the face of The Plain Bagel – is actually from Ottawa in Canada, rather than the U.K. So, you’re rarely going to get much in-depth information about The London Stock Exchange or property trends that are relevant to you from his channel.

What you will find is coverage of some of the major news stories affecting investing on the global level, as well as a fair amount of content covering cryptocurrencies. There’s also universal information, such as videos about how Coffin researches stocks, that apply as readily to the U.K. as they do Canada or the U.S. 

You’ll have to be a bit choosy with this channel. But once you sift out some of the less relevant videos, there’s still plenty for a budding investor to sink their teeth into.

Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@ThePlainBagel/ 

5 – The Compounding Investor

The Compounding Investor focuses on using stocks and shares to build wealth, with his main focus lying on earning dividends from reliable investments. He specifically follows the Warren Buffet strategy of investing – buy smart and hold through turmoil – with many of his videos focusing on how to turn your investments into passive income.

The channel is ideal for those who have a little experience with shares and want some advice on whether they should invest in major players, such as British Petroleum. He also covers Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), including videos about what they are and how they can help investors to protect their portfolios.

Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@TheCompoundingInvestor 

4 – MoneySavingExpert

Martin Lewis has long held a position as one of the UK’s most popular financial figures because he does such a good job at breaking down complex concepts into language that others can understand. He brings that ability to his YouTube channel, on which he has over 270 videos covering a huge range of topics.

Granted, many of those videos don’t talk directly about investing. But where Lewis shines is in providing you with advice on what you can do to save a little money that you can then put toward a portfolio or property. Think of his channel as a starting point – use it to get some money in your back pocket before moving on to a more dedicated investing channel.

Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@moneysavingexpert 

3 – Damien Talks Money

Damien Talks Money promises to deliver “quality informative content without the bull,” and that’s typically what you get. The videos shared are the culmination of Damien’s own 10+-year financial journey, covering topics related to investing, taxation, and getting out of debt.

That makes it a perfect beginner’s channel.

For those struggling with the household budget and who perhaps see investing as something they may do in the future, some of Damien’s videos can help you make the little savings and budgetary moves to get back in the black. When you’re ready to invest, he has you covered as well – several of his videos offer beginner’s tips for investment vehicles like Index Funds.

Sprinkle in some more general information videos covering the U.K. as a whole and this is a varied channel that will boost your financial intelligence.

Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@DamienTalksMoney 

2 – Wealth Club

Wealth Club is a channel that focuses more on the seasoned investor than the beginner. If you already have some properties in a portfolio, it’s a great place to go to learn more about tax-efficient investing.

Therein lies the channel’s focus – it helps you to pay less tax on your investments so you can benefit more from them in the future.

Many of its videos explore what you need to know before placing your money into more complex financial vehicles, such as Venture Capital Trusts. With these explainer videos, Wealth Club tends to break down what the vehicle is, as well as the pros and cons of using it, all while keeping the jargon to a minimum. Its “Meet the Manager” series is also interesting because its interview format lets you discover what some top players in the wealth creation game are thinking.

Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@WealthClub 

1 – Sasha Yansin

Sasha Yansin offers a perfect balance for new and experienced investors.

His background in building mortgages, loans, and several other financial vehicles for major U.K. banks means that he knows what the banking side of the investment coin looks like. Plus, he’s an investor himself, so he understands the emotions and challenges somebody like you may face when trying to decipher the types of products he used to create.

Blend that insider knowledge with a fact-based and plain English approach, and you get videos that are amazing educational tools.

Yansin’s “Investing 101” playlist is a natural starting point for newbies. The 31 videos in that set give you a solid foundation to move on to other videos in his channel, which dig deeper into specific strategies.

Channel – https://www.youtube.com/@SashaYanshin 

Wrapping Up

We all know there’s a ton of content on YouTube – including that related to investing – that isn’t going to be of much use to you. So, these recommendations come with a small disclaimer:

Not every one of these channels will be ideal for your investment plans.

The trick is to give them all a try to see which ones suit your current position. For the newbie, a channel like MoneySavingExpert can help with basic budgeting before you move on to figuring out which vehicle is best for your cash. Other channels – such as Wealth Club – still offer plain English explanations, but are perhaps more focused toward the experienced investor.

Try the channels and find the one that speaks to you. But as you watch, remember that the advice you’re receiving isn’t guaranteed to work. It just comes from people who’ve made it work and are sharing their insights.

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