Best Personal Finance Podcasts In The UK – Who Should You Listen To?

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Plenty of Brits want to improve their financial knowledge, but many lack the time to read lengthy books or watch hours of investment videos. Fortunately, there’s a simple and convenient solution: podcasts.

Perfect for people with hectic lifestyles, podcasts are easy to listen to whenever you get some free time. You could play them on your way to work, while jogging, at the gym, on your lunch break, or just before bed.

What’s more, there are some highly informative personal finance podcasts for U.K. listeners to tune in to. If you’re not sure where to start, this guide is here to help. Read on for a list of 11 recommendations, in no particular order.

1 – The Martin Lewis Podcast

As the founder and face of Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis is one of the most trusted sources of financial advice in the U.K. today. Through books, blogs, and TV appearances, he’s singlehandedly helped countless people save colossal amounts of cash

 “The Martin Lewis Podcast” is yet another way in which you can benefit from Martin’s unparalleled expertise. On the podcast, Martin answers common financial questions from listeners and provides must-know money-saving tips and tricks.

Best of all, unlike certain other podcast hosts – who might try to sell you something or push you in a certain direction – Martin has no agenda. Whether he’s recommending savings accounts or listing tips to cut your credit card, his only focus is on helping people enjoy better financial situations.

All episodes of “The Martin Lewis Podcast” are available here on BBC Sounds.

2 – Money Clinic with Claer Barrett

Money Clinic podcast

The best financial advice podcasts need relatable, trustworthy personalities in the host’s chair. In that respect, there are very few financial experts as relatable or trustworthy as Claer Barrett, consumer editor for the Financial Times.

Since 2007, Clear’s weekly podcast has given listeners invaluable insight into the world of finance. She has a wonderful knack for breaking down complex subjects in ways that anyone can understand, making even the trickiest financial matters more digestible.

This podcast particularly appeals to those in the millennial age bracket. In fact, Claer regularly invites millennial guests on to answer their most common questions about how to cope with the cost of living. But older (and younger) listeners can also benefit from Claer’s expertise.

You can find every episode of “Money Clinic with Claer Barrett” here on the FT site.

3 – The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast

Hosted by Pete Matthew, Managing Director at Jacksons Wealth Management, “The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast” is another fantastic finance podcast. This one stands out for its simplicity – Matthew makes use of everyday language and step-by-step guides to help his listeners.

If you find financial topics to be a bit of a complicated slog, this could be the podcast for you. Matthew covers a huge range of subjects, from pensions to investments, breaking everything down in a way that the average person can understand.

What’s more, he doesn’t just provide tips and tricks for gaining control of your finances. He also goes further, with detailed guides on exactly what you should do and how to do it. In other words, this is one of the most practical and useful podcasts around right now.

Tune in to “The Meaningful Money Personal Finance Podcast” here.

4 – Money Box

Moneybox Podcast

If you’ve ever watched the news and wondered how the latest stories in politics and finance will affect your savings and spending power, “Money Box” is the podcast for you. It not only provides the latest financial headlines, but also explains how those big stories impact everyday people.

One of the best things about this BBC Radio 4 programme is that it always covers something topical. An episode might discuss an upcoming election, for example, or a recent budget announcement, giving listeners in-depth explanations of what’s going on.

Additionally, this podcast regularly has a whole panel of expert hosts and guests, sharing the benefits of their wisdom with the audience.

Find, listen, and download “Money Box” episodes here.

5 – The Money Ed Podcast

The Money Ed Podcast

It’s no secret that younger generations are particularly stressed out about the cost of living crisis and other financial issues of the day. Many millennials, young adults, and teens fear for their future, wondering how they’ll ever afford a home of their own or save up a proper pension.

Well, that’s where “The Money Ed Podcast” comes in. This one may not appeal as much to older listeners, but it’s specifically aimed at the younger demographics. In short, it teaches teens, young adults, and those in their 20s and 30s all about personal finance.

Covering topics like how to start a pension and the basics of investing, this podcast is both relatable and informative. Even for listeners who haven’t got a clue about financial matters, it’s easy to listen to, and you’re sure to learn something new in each episode.

Listen to every episode here.

6 – On The Money

On The Money Podcast

The “On The Money” podcast is headed up by none other than Kyle Caldwell. An award-winning financial journalist, Caldwell is an investment and personal finance specialist working with the likes of the Daily Telegraph and Interactive Investor. In short, he’s an expert in all things finance-related.

In “On The Money,” Caldwell shares his expertise with his audience, looking at the latest financial news and explaining how recent headlines may impact the markets. He explores potential rises and falls to certain stocks and investments, providing guidance to help listeners make informed decisions.

This podcast is more investment-oriented than purely about personal finance. For that reason, it might not be for everyone. But if you’re interested in the idea of investing and want to know the right moves to make, it’s certainly worth a listen.

Find all episodes here.

7 – It’s Not About The Money

It's not about the money podcast

Formerly known as “In Her Financial Shoes,” “It’s Not About The Money” is a fabulous female finance podcast hosted by Catherine Morgan. While some finance podcasts can be a little dull, this one is anything but. In fact, it’s one of the most entertaining, easy-listening podcasts in the category.

In each episode, Morgan discusses everyday issues that many people encounter when trying to gain control of their finances. Overspending. Undercharging. Self-sabotage. All of those challenges and obstacles that stand in your way as you try to build wealth.

From there, she goes on to provide sound, practical advice to not just figure out your finances, but change your entire financial mindset. In other words, if you want to feel more confident and in control of your cash, this is the podcast to plug yourself into.

Find all of the episodes and news from Catherine Morgan here.

8 – Money 101

Money 101 Podcast

“Money 101” is another educational finance podcast geared towards younger listeners in the millennial and Gen-Z age bracket. Hosted by Bea Duncan, it’s one of the podcasting world’s hottest young talents, and is available through BBC Sounds.

One of the best things about this podcast is that it doesn’t waste any time. Each episode is clear and focused, with a singular topic like “Renting,” “Credit Scores,” or “Buying a Property.” So you can look through the list and find the subjects that are most relevant to your situation and needs.

In each one, Bea chats with financial experts, asking the big questions and covering the hot topics of the finance world. Like many of the other best podcasts on this list, it’s clear, easy to listen to, and provides truly practical advice you can take into your own life.

Give “Money 101” a listen here.

9 – The Retirement Café

Retirement Cafe Podcast

A lot of personal finance podcasts – including a couple mentioned earlier in this list – lean towards the younger demographic. But older people also have questions about their cash, and many worry about how to navigate retirement without losing control of their finances.

“The Retirement Café” is the podcast for those people. As the name suggests, it’s fully centred on the topic of retirement, aiming to make those restful years more relaxing and stress-free for every listener.

As well as exploring retirement-related financial issues, like pensions and estate plans, “The Retirement Café” also dives into other subjects. It talks about keeping fit and healthy during retirement, for example, helping retirees live their best lives.

Check out “The Retirement Café” here.

10 – Cash Chats

Cash Chats Podcast

Ranking in the top 1% of the most-listened podcasts in the world right now, “Cash Chats” has firmly established itself as a trusted source of financial information and advice. It’s hosted by award-winning broadcaster and YouTuber, Andy Webb.

Focusing on everyday challenges in a similar style to Martin Lewis, Webb tackles the financial problems facing the British public. He explores ways to save, as well as providing useful tips and practical advice for making more money and managing it more efficiently, too.

Every episode is jam-packed with information, covering lots of topics, from ISA rates to inflation. And Webb is really on the ball when it comes to providing expert advice. He helps listeners with everything from finding the right credit cards to not being ripped-off by streaming services.

Tune in here.

11 – The Which? Money Podcast

Which Money Podcast

“Which?” has long been one of the nation’s go-to sources for consumer advice. It helps people make smart purchasing decisions about everything from big-screen TVs to broadband providers in its expert reviews and articles. 

The “Which? Money” podcast follows a similar style. In each episode, the podcast host, Lucia, and a team of trusted experts look at ways to help people get more from their money. They review the best credit card providers, savings accounts, and so on. 

Some episodes also cover common financial mistakes to avoid, ways to save on your weekly food bill, and so on. Each episode is only around 20-30 minutes on average, so they’re easy to listen to, with a lot of valuable info condensed into such a short time span.

Listen in to “Which? Money” here.

Wrapping Up

Podcasts aren’t just for laughs or learning about grisly true crime stories. They can also be a valuable source of financial advice, with some of the U.K.’s leading financial gurus hosting their own shows.

Of course, they might not all be to your taste. However, of the 11 listed above, there’s surely at least one podcast that suits you just right. Therefore, the best thing to do is either stream or download a few different episodes to find your favourites.

Once you’ve found a podcast you enjoy, try to work it into your schedule. Listen to the latest episodes when you get chance, or go back and binge the whole series, if you’ve got time. In either case, listen closely to what’s being said and figure out which bits of advice apply to your life the most.

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