How To Use The Money Sprout Net Worth Tracker Sheet

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Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a copy of the Money Sprout Net Worth tracking sheet. This is your complete guide to using the sheet to its full potential. Let’s jump in.

How To Access The Net Worth Tracker Sheet

To access the Net Worth tracking sheet, click on the “Create a copy” link in the PDF you received after your purchase.

Create a Copy of the google sheet

When Google Sheets opens navigate to File –> Make A Copy to create your own version of the sheet in your Google Drive.

You will now have access to your version of the sheet. You cannot edit the initial version of the sheet you open and must create a copy to access your own version of the sheet.

How To Use The Net Worth Tracking Sheet

Using the Net Worth tracking sheet is simple. Just follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1 – Enter Your Starting Values

Navigate to the Start column on the sheet and start entering your current assets and liabilities as of today.

Starting values on tracking sheet

Feel free to adjust the row labels on the left to reflect your current assets and liabilities. Once you do this, your current Net Worth and Required to reach goal numbers will update automatically.

Step 2 – Adding Monthly Data

You can add past data if you have a rough idea of your numbers or you can simply start with the month you are currently in. Feel free to change months in row C20 if you want to adjust the month you start. Otherwise, just enter the data for the current month in that month’s column. However, this will leave a gap in your charts.

For example, if I started tracking in April, my sheet would look like this.

Alternatively, you can adjust the month columns to reflect the month you start in. This will give you an outlook across a full 12 months.

Either way works and you can simply duplicate the sheet for a new year or the next 12 months.

NOTE: When you enter data into a monthly column, ensure to complete the whole column. The sheet formulas work so that the Net Worth and growth numbers are calculated based on the most recent month of data.

Step 3 – Analyse Your Numbers

After entering your numbers for a few months, you will start to see how your Net Worth is trending over time and make adjustments to your investments, debt pay down and spending to achieve your goals as fast as possible.

Below are some useful bits of information the sheet will provide you with.

Current Net Worth – This is how much you are currently worth. Your assets minus your liabilities.
Growth This Year – This shows you the percentage increase in your Net Worth this year.
Net Worth Goal – Here you can input the net worth you are trying to reach. You can use our FIRE age calculator to see how much you need to retire.
Required To Reach Goal – This shows you how much more money you need to reach your net worth goal.

Growth – The growth column to the right of the monthly data shows you how each asset and liability has grown or decreased monetarily and as a percentage.

Net Worth Tracker Growth Section

That’s how you use the Money Sprout growth tracking Google Sheet. Pretty easy!

How To Duplicate The Sheet For A New Year

If you want to duplicate the sheet and use it for a new year follow the steps below.

Go down to the Net Worth [Year] tab at the bottom of the sheet. Select the drop-down arrow –> Duplicate

Then simply highlight and remove last year’s data and enter your current starting data from the last month on the previous sheet. You now have a fresh sheet for the new year.

How To Get Support

Having problems with the spreadsheet or have some recommendations on how we could make it better? Just email us at james @

Wrapping Up

Hopefully this guide has helped you to track your net worth over time. You may benefit from some of our other free finance guides to help you achieve financial freedom. Check out some of our most popular articles below:

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