Our Mission

In the UK we aren’t taught enough about personal finance leading people to make poor financial choices which can cripple them for years to come. We want to become the biggest UK resource on Personal Finance, helping you make better financial decisions and become financially free.

  • Provide our readers with easy-to-digest guides on personal finance. We are making complicated topics simple to understand.
  • Provide accurate reviews on the latest fintech products such as savings, budgeting, and investment apps.
  • Show aspiring entrepreneurs how they can transition from corporate life to business owner to accelerate their path to financial freedom.
  • Provide you access to the latest savings deals so you can contribute more towards your investments.

Unbiased Reviews

We don’t try to hide the fact that we make our money through referrals on this site. If you see a link to a product or service, we may get a commission if you purchase something.

However, we will always give products and services a fair review. When creating content, we will create the content first providing you with the best choice. We will then go back and add our affiliate links to this content. You can be assured our kickback does not affect rankings on our site.

Meet The Founder

James Beattie

Currently, Money Sprout is a one-man show. It is run by myself, James Beattie. I have been obsessed with personal finance for as long as I can remember and made my first-ever investment not long after I turned 18.

You can see below my first ever £200 investment which was a lot of money at the time. Invested in a good old-fashioned index fund.

From an early age, I was interested in making money and started making some significant income online when I was still in school through freelancing. This was the first source of income to fund my portfolio. Since then I have consistently invested in my portfolio every single month.

In 2019 I pulled out the £30,000 or so I had amassed to put a deposit on my first house and since then have managed to get my portfolio back up to £88,000 as of today.

In between starting leaving school and today I have done quite a bit. For the first year after school, I worked at PwC a BIG 4 accounting firm where I worked in due diligence. This is where I got my first taste for business and knew I needed to start something myself.

While working I started dropshipping which allowed me to eventually leave my job.

Since then I have run e-commerce stores, created an Advertising training program with over 1000 students and most recently built and sold a streaming education website.

You can learn more about building this brand on a podcast I did with Niche Pursuits:

Selling this blog was my first 6 Figure Asset sale and the next project I wanted to work on was this right here. Over the next couple of years, I plan to grow Money Sprout into a leading Personal Finance blog in the UK.

I am starting small with just myself but hopefully, within a few months, we can start to expand our team, and look forward to doing so!

Other than running this blog I am an avid runner, currently training for a sub-3 marathon!