What Percentage Of The UK Earns Over £30k?

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£30k is slightly below the median average salary in the UK. £30k is slightly less than the median average salary in the UK of £33,280. Depending on where you live, you may be able to live a comfortable life, however, in high-cost-of-living cities such as London, it will definitely be tight month to month.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the percentage of the UK earning over £30k as well as the exact percentile £30k puts you in. Let’s jump in.

What Percentage Of Individuals In The UK Earn £30k Or More?

The latest UK data shows that earning over £30k per year puts you in the Top 41% of earners in the country. This puts you in the 59th percentile. If you are earning more than £30k per year, you are making more than 75% of the working population. This includes everyone who has a liability to income tax.

It may seem like the Top 41% is high however you have to consider that this data is made up of anyone who has a tax liability meaning part-time workers are also included.

£30k Per Year UK Percentile

This chart was created from the latest government data on percentile points of the income distribution.

What Is £30k After Tax?

Unfortunately, when you get paid your £30k, you don’t get to keep all of it. You have to pay your share of Income Tax and National insurance.

On a £30,000 salary, you will be in the 20% tax bracket. We also get a tax-free allowance of £12,570 per year currently. This means you will be paying 20% tax on the remaining £17,430.

This means you will pay £3,486 in Tax and £2,092 in National Insurance.

30000 after tax pie chart

Your net take-home pay after tax and national insurance payments is £24,422 per year or £2,035 per month.

Some people may also have student loans which will be paid back from your salary decreasing these amounts even more.

Is £30k A Good Income In The UK?

Whether or not £30k is a good income or not will depend on where you live and your lifestyle. If you live in a cheap cost-of-living area such as Northern Ireland £30k per year can provide a comfortable lifestyle. If you live in London it’s a completely different story. Rent’s are significantly higher and over 50% of your monthly wages would likely be going towards a single rented room.

£30k is also lower than the median average salary of £33,280 per year for full-time workers.

While it’s not a bad salary by UK standards there is plenty of room to grow and you should go after it if you want to earn more. You may even be interested in one of these online businesses which you could start as a side hustle.

What Jobs In The UK Pay £30k Per Year

Below are a number of jobs that pay roughly £30k per year. Keep in mind that salaries can vary widely depending on the region, experience, and industry.

Here are eight jobs that have historically offered salaries of around £30k per year in the UK:

  1. Teacher: The starting salary for teachers in England is often around £25k-£30k, depending on the location and level taught.
  2. Nurse: Registered nurses can expect to earn in the vicinity of £25k-£35k, depending on their experience and specialization.
  3. Software Developer: Entry-level software developers in the UK might earn around £30k, though this can vary widely depending on the industry and location.
  4. Marketing Executive: Marketing executives with a few years of experience might earn around £30k, though this can also vary.
  5. Police Officer: After initial training, police officers in the UK might earn close to £30k, with the potential for this to increase with experience and additional responsibilities.
  6. Research Scientist: Depending on the field and level of experience, research scientists might earn around £30k.
  7. Graphic Designer: Experienced graphic designers might earn around £30k, though this can depend on the industry, location, and level of expertise.
  8. HR Advisor: Human resources professionals with some experience might earn around £30k, though this can vary depending on the industry and region.

Final Thoughts

In lower-cost-of-living areas, £30k should provide you with a comfortable lifestyle especially if you have a partner who also works. If you live in a city center such as London, it’s going to be a struggle on £30k.

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